Our Tail

The Rachael Hale® brand has had tongues and tails wagging over the past 24 years. Rachael Hale images capture the cuteness, lovability and beauty of our four-legged friends.   Every image promises to engage, delight and inspire animal lovers around the world.

History of the Brand

It all began in New Zealand about 25 years ago, where internationally acclaimed photographer, Rachael Hale, combined her passion for photography with her love of animals.  The result was a stunning portfolio of animal photography that beautifully captures the dispositions and emotions of each individual animal.  The world quickly took notice and Rachael Hale became a name synonymous with the world’s most lovable animals with a wide range of adorable products available at retail.

Rachael Hale Today

Today Rachael Hale is a global leader in animal imagery.  We pride ourselves on the unique ability to capture the essence and personality of the animals through the lens.  The brand is supported by a team that continuously delivers on the promise that every Rachael Hale image and product will delight, engage and inspire.  Rachael Hale is an evergreen brand with a worldwide licensing program that includes home textiles, travel gear, school supplies, apparel, giftware, home decor, stationery and much more.