Rachael Hale Shows Their Support for Animal Rescue at Adoptapalooza in NYC!

May 19, 2019- In addition to ZooPaws, Rachael Hale sponsored mega super-adoption event, Adoptapalooza, in New York City on May 19th.Adoptapalooza is NYC’s annual mega adoption event facilitated by animal welfare organization and non-profit, Rock & Rawhide, where thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and reptiles from local rescue organizations gathered in Union Square park to meet potential adopters. Attendees were able to engage with the Rachael Hale brand through our display of featured products from our newest Bed, Bath & Beyond collection, receiving fun giveaway prizes, and entering a “guess the dog biscuit” contest for even more chances to win adorable products. The Rachael Hale brand was truly brought to life at this event as attendees stopped to take selfies with our 5-foot plush lab puppy featured beside our table!

“We are thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful and meaningful animal adoption event in New York City,” said Ilana Wilensky, Owner of Rachael Hale. “We hope our display of lovable animal products delighted attendees of all ages and maybe even inspired some new adoptions.”